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All You Need to Find Your Next Great Hire

Hiring online is currently a sad state of affairs. While most other industries have been revolutionized by web applications over the past decade, hiring managers are still stuck with posting classified ads online and then digging through inboxes filled with résumés and canned form letters.

If you’re in a small or mid-sized business and not a trained HR professional, you probably know what it’s like. A lack of time, an ad-hoc hiring process and frequent distractions make arriving at good hiring decisions difficult and frustrating. To make things worse, far too many job applications have incomplete or even inaccurate information just to get the job.

It’s almost impossible to find the gems amongst the rabble. That is, until Unrabble.

Better Hiring Software for Small and Mid-sized Businesses
Unrabble was created to make life easier for people who are asked to make hiring decisions, but who often don’t have the human resources background, staff or time to do it quickly and effectively. What they need is a tool designed to actually work in the day-to-day life of the do-it-yourself, multi-tasking, starved-for-time business manager.

That’s exactly what we’ve created.

Unrabble isn’t regimented HR software or another take on the job board. It’s an entirely new, and better, approach to hiring designed by people who’ve suffered through the same frustrations as most hiring managers.

Simply put, Unrabble makes hiring easier. Here’s how:

  • It saves time by automating the core hiring tasks.
  • It improves decision-making, replacing résumés with objective, measurable criteria.
  • It ranks top candidates based on skills you decide are most valuable.
  • It verifies claims through social networks, saving you from candidates who stretch the truth.
  • It improves collaboration by making it easy to include colleagues in the hiring process.

While this all may sound great, we know the only way to know for sure is to see for yourself. Get started now and try Unrabble free for one month with no commitment. Or if you’d like, take a closer look and see how Unrabble works.