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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unrabble just applicant tracking software?

Unrabble was designed to remove the time consuming and inefficient aspects of the hiring process. Unlike applicant tracking or an automated resume screening, we don’t just keep track of résumés that then need to be printed, Unrabble lets you see how candidates compare to each other—as well as how they match up to your vision of a perfect employee.

Does Unrabble use people to screen resumes for me?

No, Unrabble is intelligent software that puts you in control of your hiring. This way you do not rely on resume screeners, who may or may not really understand what you’re looking for in a candidate. With Unrabble, you select and prioritize the job skills, work experience and even culture fit that match up best with your organization and your staffing needs.

Will I still need to interview candidates?

Yes. While Unrabble helps you quickly and efficiently identify those candidates most worth interviewing, the most critical step in making a good hire is still the job interview. Unrabble can actually improve the interviewing process, by giving you confidence that the interviews you do conduct are based on real skills & experience, not on résumés filled with meaningless keywords or false information.

What is a candidate profile?

A candidate profile is similar to a virtual résumé, showing every aspect of a candidate’s work and education history. However, Unrabble’s profiles go several steps further. Unrabble gives you a more complete picture of candidates by incorporating much of the critical information you look for in an interview, such as why a they moved between positions, what type of office environment they thrive in and how much business travel they’ve done. Unrabble takes this information visualizes it in a unique career timeline that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Does Unrabble collect resumes?

Unrabble only collects resumes if the candidate chooses to add it as an attached document to their candidate profile. Candidates can accentuate their profiles by easily attaching Word documents, pdf files, or even a link to virtual CV if they have one.