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Quick & Easy Startup

Get set-up and post your ads in minutes. Just include basic info about your company, write a quick job description and then paste a unique Unrabble URL into ads on job boards. Done! Read More »

Resume-free Hiring

Hiring a good employee should be made based on objective, measurable information, not unsubstantiated claims. Unrabble’s Candidate Profiles do away with unreliable résumés to deliver exactly this kind of insight. Read More »

Quickly Identify Best Candidates

What do you get with hundreds of unfiltered résumés? Hours of lost time and an unproductive hiring process. Unrabble speeds the hiring process, bringing top candidates right to your attention. Read More »

Research Candidates Quickly & Easily

Unrabble makes it easy to play HR detective. Explore candidates’ histories and research their career timelines & claims with Unrabble’s integrated tools. Read More »

Collaborate with Colleagues

You may love a candidate, but what do others think? Unrabble makes it easy for colleagues to participate when hiring a new team member, and helps you tap your LinkedIn network by highlighting candidates connected to you. Read More »