For Candidates

A Better Way to Present Your Qualifications

Job seekers can only use Unrabble when applying directly to a job posted by an employer. Rather than being asked to submit a resume, candidates are directed to build their profile and apply specifically for that job. Additionally, as we are not a job board, job seekers can not look for employers using our site.

Job seekers who do apply for a position using Unrabble are giving the unique opportunity to build a more complete profile of themselves and their accomplishments than can be found on any other related system. Candidates can link to their social network pages, personal websites, attach work product, list out their skills and accomplishments, and even ask their peer network to verify those accomplishments for them. This profiling process allows candidates to stand out for who they are and what they bring to a position, rather than how well they write a resume.

Start Interviewing Right Away

You’re more than a piece of paper with bullet points. Unrabble helps you express who you are to employers by letting you build a visual career timeline that highlights your skills and provide details & commentary along the way. Just like when you interview.

Provide employers with insight into who you really are and give them a feel for your personality by including things like social media profiles, résumé videos, links to your blog, samples of your work and more.

Stay In the Loop

Never send your resume into the void or to unresponsive recruiting agencies again. When you’re looking for a job, you deserve be kept in the loop with status updates every step of the way.

That’s why with Unrabble, once you apply for a job, you’ll see where potential employers are in their decision-making process and if you’re still in consideration. Even better, we’ll even give you advice to increase your chances of getting hired.

Stand Out for Who You Really Are

You know you’d be a great employee. Wouldn’t it be great if hiring managers could see this, too? We don’t think you should be hired based on how well you can craft a resume or how many bullet points and keywords you remember to stuff in it. With rich Candidate Profiles, Unrabble helps level the playing field by letting hiring managers make their decision based on facts, not well-crafted fiction.