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Steve Smith

COO, Esker

Esker (www.esker.com), the worldwide leader in document process automation solutions, has adopted Unrabble’s software service to help improve the hiring process.

“Esker is growing rapidly, so hiring the right people is essential to our success,” said Steve Smith, COO of Esker. “Like most businesses we’ve always relied on reading paper resumes and doing phone interviews to evaluate job candidates, which is very time consuming when you’ve got a business to run. After seeing a demo of Unrabble, we tried it with one position, and based on the immediate success we saw, it wasn’t long before we converted all of our open positions to Unrabble’s application. During a recent search, I estimate that I saved over 20 hours that I would have normally spent reviewing resumes and making phone calls.”

Unrabble empowers businesses to post their job listings on as many job boards and social media sites as needed without worrying about a massive inflow of resumes.  Job seekers create robust interactive profiles that flow into Unrabble’s dashboard, where hiring managers can review collected data that is significantly more comprehensive than a typical application or resume. The software provides a better approach to hiring; not another job board, regimented HR software, or ATS system that parses resumes for keywords.

“I initially started using Unrabble to just to save time but soon realized that I was getting higher quality candidates than in previous job searches,” said Smith.  “It was interesting to see how applicants that took the time to build a full profile turned out to be the best candidates. Looking at an Unrabble profile tells you so much more than a resume. I really can’t imagine looking at a traditional resume every again.  At Esker our motto is ‘Quit Paper.’ With Unrabble we not only quit paper, we quit resumes.”

“The Colleagues feature of Unrabble makes getting a consensus on a candidate very easy,” said Becky Carden, HR Director at Esker. “Everyone involved in the process can leave comments on the candidates profile page and I don’t have to circulate resumes via email or track people down to make a hiring decision.“

Unrabble provides businesses with an unprecedented interactive experience that goes beyond the traditional resume. The software empowers job applicants to create an interactive profile that produces a more holistic representation of their qualifications. Candidates connect their profiles to social media sites such as LinkedIn®, Twitter® and Facebook®. Plus, applicants can add ‘brags’ to their online profile and then ask their network to verify claims via Micro-references™, a unique feature of Unrabble that helps hiring managers “see” candidates for who they really are, not who they wish they were. The net result of these and other remarkable features is that they help build a more complete profile of each candidate.

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