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Top 6 Secrets That Applicant Tracking Software Providers Don’t Want You To Know

If you’re considering an Applicant Tracking System, here are several important secrets you should know.

In theory, hiring shouldn’t be that complicated. With the aid of modern technology, it should be easier than ever to connect qualified candidates with hiring companies. The reality, though, is that in many industries, hiring managers are finding it incredibly difficult to wade through the mountains of paper resumes to find their next great hire.

Part of the problem is that legacy Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems rule the roost. In theory, they make sense — using a computer program to weed out resumes from unqualified candidates. But in practice, it’s a different story entirely.

Here are 6 secrets about Applicant Tracking Software that providers don’t want you to know:

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Written July 10, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Robert Scoble Interviews Unrabble

Tech blogger and social media evangelist Robert Scoble recently sat down with Unrabble’s COO and co-founder Chris Rickborn. The two met in Rackspace’s studio in downtown to San Francisco to discuss Unrabble, and how Unrabble’s hiring software is changing the way that businesses hire.

Find out why Robert says every hiring manager should consider using this, by watching the video interview below.

Sign up for Unrabble today for free at www.unrabble.com

Written June 20, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Unrabble Wins Editors Choice Award For Best HR Software

Editors of Start2Cloud Website Rate Unrabble’s Hiring Software as an “Innovative Approach That Can Make the Hiring Process Faster, Easier and Cheaper For Companies Without HR Departments”

Fort Lauderdale, FL  May 3, 2012  Unrabble™ (www.unrabble.com), a cloud-computing startup that simplifies and redefines the process of hiring new employees, today announced that it has been named Best HR Software by Start2Cloud website in the Editors Choice Awards, which recognize the leading software apps for small to medium sized businesses.

Start2Cloud’s editors award the software company whose products best address a host of HR challenges. The editors selected Unrabble as the inaugural winner in the HR category, praising it as an “innovative approach to hiring new candidates [that] will help you find the best match and save plenty of time. You should definitely put Unrabble on top of your list if you need to hire and don’t know where to begin.”

“Winning this award supports our vision that paper resumes are dying and that more intelligent hiring solutions, such as Unrabble, are the wave of the future,” said Kevin Watson, CEO and co-founder of Unrabble. “We are honored by Start2Cloud’s recognition of Unrabble as a best-of-breed HR software solution.”

“Each quarter, the Start2Cloud Editors Choice Awards puts a wide range of HR products to the test,” said Ladislav Dyntar, editor of HR software solutions for Start2Cloud. “When we first saw Unrabble, we thought we were missing something. Then we realized how brilliant the idea was. Unrabble frees your time by ditching all the work with resumes.”

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Written May 3, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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3 Tips to Get More Candidates Applying for Your Jobs Via Unrabble

When using Unrabble, it’s important to first understand what Unrabble is not. Unrabble isn’t a job board, and it doesn’t help source candidates. Instead, Unrabble is an entirely new, and better, approach to the hiring process. It saves time and money by better qualifying candidates, automating core hiring tasks, automatically ranking top candidates based on skills and verifying claims made through social networks.

You probably already have candidate sourcing under control. So continue to use the methods you’ve used before to source applicants. Just be sure to create a custom link in Unrabble so you can track which sourcing method results in the best candidates.

If you’re finding that you aren’t getting as many applicants applying as you like, remember that Unrabble focuses on quality, not quantity. You may not get as many candidates applying for jobs through Unrabble, but the quality of those who do should be far better than traditional methods.

But if you do need an extra nudge to get additional candidates above-and-beyond your typical sourcing methods, here are some helpful tips:

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Written April 2, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Why Applicant Tracking Systems Are The Weakest Link

ATS systems are costly, inefficient and often overlook qualified candidates.

With all of the acquisitions happening in the HR software space, it’s clear that large software companies such as Oracle and SAP see real value and potential in this market. However, it’s not necessarily a reflection that the HR space has cutting edge technology, but more of what a testament to the potential value HR software suites could be in the future.

While larger enterprise software companies have addressed human resource management for years, Applicant Tracking Systems have been left to niche players. These Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS, are the starting point in all lifecycle HR suites, but sadly most are very outdated.   I’m sure that Oracle and SAP see the value in adding this component to their HR product suites, but surely they will want to make improvements in what I consider the weak link. ATS are highly inefficient, costly and even though they are easily gamed by job seekers, most candidates still hate them with a passion, showing us how badly the hiring process is still broken.

The hiring process is struggling with two different dynamics, which seem to be combining to result in a perpetually broken cycle. First, you have significant numbers of candidates who are applying for jobs and clogging up e-mail in-boxes.  Second, you have businesses that are spending precious time trying to find talented employees, but are forced to sift through their in-box and reviewing bad resumes.  As a result companies are using the only solution readily available, resume-based ATS’s.  Unfortunately even the most sophisticated ATS software often overlooks qualified candidates because they’re parsing text-based resumes, scoring candidates based on keywords embedded in their resume.

To illustrate this point, here’s a quote from a recent article in The Wall Street Journal:

“Tracking software has its pitfalls. It may miss the most-qualified applicant if that person doesn’t game the system by larding his or her résumé with keywords from the job description,” according to Mark Mehler, co-founder of consulting firm Career Xroads, which advises companies on staffing.

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Written February 15, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Unrabble Launches Free Version of Innovative Profile-Based Recruiting Solution

Cloud-computing software provides new profile-based approach to hiring that is more efficient, cost-effective and less time-consuming than legacy resume-based applicant tracking systems

Fort Lauderdale, FL February, 2 2012 Unrabble™ (www.unrabble.com), a cloud-computing startup that simplifies and redefines the process of hiring new employees, today announced that it has released a new free version. With the software’s most recent update, companies, startups and individuals will be allowed to create a job opening and use Unrabble’s robust candidate evaluation tools without paying a subscription fee.

“Unrabble is the first solution of its kind to put hiring in the hands of the decision maker and unchain hiring from the traditional paper resume,” said Kevin Watson, CEO and co-founder of Unrabble. “By offering a version of our software for free, we’re giving busy managers the ability to complete an entire hiring cycle using our solution. We believe that once you use Unrabble’s profile-based approach, you won’t go back to accepting paper resumes or legacy applicant tracking systems that just track resumes.”

One of the most noticeable differences in Unrabble’s approach to hiring is the complete shift away from the traditional resume to a new generation of on-line profiles. Using Unrabble, job candidates create an interactive profile that details their entire career history instead of e-mailing or uploading a resume. This gives the candidate the opportunity to do things a traditional resume cannot do such as connecting to their social media profiles, integrating video, explaining job transitions, ranking their skills and bragging about their accomplishments.

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Written February 2, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Unrabble Makes it Easier to Get the Word Out When Hiring

Newest version of Unrabble adds job distribution capabilities for publishing directly to job boards/job search engines and instantly broadcasting jobs to popular social networks with one-click.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 12, 2012 Unrabble™ (www.unrabble.com), a cloud computing startup focused on helping SMBs hire new employees, today announced the newest version of its hiring software, which features job distribution functionality that allows hiring managers to quickly publish newly created jobs directly to external job boards and social networks. The new release supports automated publishing to popular job boards including Indeed, job search engine SimplyHired.com and StartUpHire. In addition, hiring managers can instantly broadcast jobs to all of the leading social networks.

“Our goal has always been to simplify the hiring process and adding job distribution functionality continues on that path. Our customers can now get their open positions published very quickly with a couple of clicks whether it be through job boards or social media,” said Chris Rickborn, COO and co-founder of Unrabble. “Our integration with Indeed, SimplyHired.com and StartUpHire are an important first step and supports the simplicity-of-use that is core to our product and is what our customers expect.  We are continuing to integrate with similar partners and will be releasing regular updates to our service that will rapidly expand our core capabilities.”

The newest version of Unrabble also includes options for businesses to create a branded landing page for job candidates and a branded careers page for multiple job openings. In addition, enhancements have been added to the Compare Candidates feature that allows hiring managers to quickly identify top candidates. The Colleague Collaboration process has also been updated to include an intuitive rating system so that the hiring manager can quickly see the consensus of everyone participating in the hiring process.

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Written January 12, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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Unrabble Partners With StartUpHire On New Recruiting Features

Integration between StartUpHire and Unrabble provides startups with effective tools for better hires

Fort Lauderdale, FL January 10, 2012 Unrabble™ (www.unrabble.com), a cloud computing startup focused on helping SMBs hire new employees, today announced a partnership with StartUpHire, the largest online database of jobs at startup companies. The newest version of Unrabble software features dedicated integration with StartUpHire allowing hiring managers to seamlessly post job openings on the leading job search board.

“Recruiting top talent for startups can often be a drain on time and resources, which is why the extensive job search engine that StartUpHire provides, coupled with how Unrabble streamlines the hiring process, is the killer app for startups who need to hire,” said Kevin Watson, CEO and co-founder of Unrabble. “Unrabble provides startups with HR recruiting software that is as nimble and versatile as their business is.”

Unrabble empowers startups to post their job listings on as many job boards and social media sites as needed without worrying about drowning in resumes. The web recruitment software provides startups with a better approach to hiring than traditional HR software that is often onerous and parses resumes for keywords. Instead job seekers create interactive profiles that flow into Unrabble, where startups can review data collected that is significantly more comprehensive than a typical application or resume. Based on the criteria that hiring managers select for the hiring position, Unrabble automatically finds the best candidates thereby reducing the hours spent reviewing bad resumes.

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Written January 10, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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How To Save Time When Reviewing Resumes

Reviewing resumes can be a very tedious and time-consuming activity, eating away valuable hours from your normal workday routine. Often it requires coming in early, staying late, working through lunch breaks or bringing home stacks of printed resumes.

So, how can you save time when reviewing resumes and still make sure that you find the best candidates without skimping on the details?

The secret is to rethink the process. Typically you’ll receive tens or hundreds of e-mails with an assortment of different formats (attachments, resumes pasted into an e-mail, etc). But instead of letting the job applicants determine how you receive the information, it’s better when you control the process.

For example, with Unrabble, all job applicants create an interactive profile that highlights their career history. All of the information is entered into Unrabble so that you, the person responsible for hiring, can review all of the candidates from one easy-to-use admin. Unrabble’s Compare Candidates feature allows you to select the skills that are most important to the position. And then Unrabble auto-identifies who are the best candidates from those that have applied.

Unrabble saves you countless hours of reading bad resumes. Instead you can quickly review who are the top candidates, and narrow the list down. Normally you would then conduct phone interviews to ask the same questions over and over. But using Unrabble’s integrated messaging system, you can ask all your top candidates – at the same time – how they would handle a project, without ever exposing your name or phone number.

So, Unrabble not only saves you time reviewing resumes, but it also streamlines the hiring process too.

Unrabble is available as a free 30-day trial. Try it today and see how it can save you time when reviewing resumes, and automate other core hiring tasks.

Written January 3, 2012 by Christopher Harris

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A Positive Candidate Experience

I remember one of the seminal moments during the early stages of my last business as I was looking at different products in the on-line security industry to gain some competitive insight.   I just couldn’t believe how bad the experience was for the end user.   It seemed as if the companies making the products had focused solely on security and the end user (the consumer) was a complete afterthought. Quite frankly, the user had no other choice but to go through the process.   It was right then that we decided it was a priority to create a “Positive Consumer Experience” in an industry that really didn’t think that way. And ultimately I think it was one of the keys to our success.

Fast forward a few years to the early days of Unrabble and the same scenario started unfolding again.   I remember reading an article in the New York Times titled “Where, Oh Where, Has My Application Gone?”  It talked about the frustrations of job candidates uploading resumes into a “black hole” of online job postings only to never hear back again.   It was at about that same time that I was having a conversation with a friend who was searching for a job.  She was highly skilled, but really frustrated that she never got any responses to her resume.   All she wanted to know was if she was being considered so she could move on.   Stories like hers were very common, and looking closer at the hiring industry, it seemed like the “Candidate Experience” was not very high on anyone’s priority list.

To a certain extent, I get it.  The last time I got a stack of resumes, I didn’t sit down and send an email to candidates letting them know where they stand – I just didn’t have time.  With the massive inflow of uploaded resumes, how could any manager, recruiter or HR administrator be able to keep the candidates in the loop?  There really isn’t a loop.   It seems odd to me that hiring is a process where you learn the most about your candidates when you communicate with them. And yet most hiring systems are designed to keep candidates in the dark and at a distance until the last possible moment.  Being a candidate is like being an outsider.

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Written October 27, 2011 by Chris Rickborn

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