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Since launching in September 2011, Unrabble has received several accolades and glowing press coverage, as well as being the recipient of an industry award.

Here are Unrabble’s latest awards and accolades:

April 2012 — Unrabble has been named Best HR Software by Start2Cloud website in the Editors Choice Awards, which recognize the leading software apps for small to medium sized businesses.

The editors selected Unrabble as the inaugural winner in the HR category, praising it as an “innovative approach to hiring new candidates [that] will help you find the best match and save plenty of time. You should definitely put Unrabble on top of your list if you need to hire and don’t know where to begin.”

“Each quarter, the Start2Cloud Editors Choice Awards puts a wide range of HR products to the test,” said Ladislav Dyntar, editor of HR software solutions for Start2Cloud. “When we first saw Unrabble, we thought we were missing something. Then we realized how brilliant the idea was. Unrabble frees your time by ditching all the work with resumes.”   [Read Article]




February 2012 — Business Insider published a review of Unrabble in early 2012, stating “If you are looking for a solution that goes beyond the time consuming standard practice we are all used to and integrates an entirely new way of going at the process, you may want to take a closer look at the new program from Unrabble.”

“I watched the demo and, having been the person who has had to make their way through hundreds of resumes when looking to hire, I was pretty impressed.  The most unique feature of this software is the simple fact that it moves you away from the standard resume process and into the new generation of online profiles.”
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August 2012 — The Backup List published a review of Unrabble in late summer, rating the hiring software five stars out of five. The Backup List stated, stating “Using Unrabble to carry out the task of hiring makes sense. It offers a lot of tools to help you find the right candidate for your job while making the whole process as easy as possible.”

“[In hiring], it’s almost impossible to find the gems amongst the rabble. That is until Unrabble came into the picture to help you eliminate the need of hiring HR staff.”
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April 2012 — Unrabble received a 9.5 out of 10 rating in this product review written by GetApp, a leading source of reviews and resources for companies looking for best-of-breed business software.

According to GetApp, “Unrabble is a new, fun, and interactive take on hiring. What’s more, it reduces inefficiency and saves money.”

“Unrabble’s visually formatted on-line profiles may be the application’s most important and useful feature. The interface challenges traditional notions of a resume. Simultaneously, it opens up employer and candidate profiles to creative possibilities. For example, candidates can integrate videos, explain job transitions, and brag about their accomplishments using the interface.”   [Read Article]




May 2012 — In Daily Tekk’s feature on most useful job resources, the editors named Unrabble as the number one “Tool for HR professionals.” Daily Tekk described Unrabble as “Free hiring software that saves you time and money.”

DailyTekk is a resource for people looking to incorporate cool and useful technology in their lives. Founded by tech enthusiast and curator-extraordinaire Chris McConnell, DailyTekk is quickly becoming a go-to tech resource for consumers and businesses alike.   [Read Article]




May 2012 — In a recent product review, Web Based Software gave Unrabble a raving review, stating that “Every talent recruiter can dramatically improve their efficiency with Unrabble. The application integrates seamlessly with social networks like LinkedIn, and pricing doesn’t break the bank (it’s free for 1 open position and the most expensive package is $49 for 10 open positions). If you’re looking to enhance your recruiting processes, Unrabble is a name that should be kept in mind.”

Web Based Software added, “Unrabble’s look is awesome. The overall GUI is slick, clean, and most of all, very modern.”   [Read Article]




March 2012 — Appvita recently sat down and reviewed Unrabble’s hiring software solution.

In the review, Appvita wrote, “One of Unrabble’s most useful features is its verification tool, which hiring managers can use to verify the claims of candidates through searches on social networks and Google. The application also gives managers a way to communicate with potential hires without exposing their email addresses or phone numbers – a useful tool for anyone who doesn’t want to be bombarded with follow-up questions and resume submissions after a hiring decision has already been made.”

“Jump on board with Unrabble and you can start making smarter hiring decisions in no time at all,” added Appvita.   [Read Article]




January 2012 — In a product review by a leading website for entrepreneurs, Springwise described Unrabble as “[Automating] the employee recruitment process, helping companies find the most suitable candidates faster and cheaper.”

Springwise added, “While this may not be the first platform to assist the recruitment process, the ability to have candidate claims verified by their colleagues is an interesting addition. One for small to medium businesses to get involved with?”  [Read Article]